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How to Best Manage HIV / AIDS



HIV / AIDS infection has been among the infections which have been rated as among the most feared. Immediately after people become aware of its existence, there was so much stigmatization of people with the illness. Entry of awareness and better understanding of what HIV / AIDS infection is made people relax on people with the HIV / AIDS infection something which boosted their self-esteem and consequently improved their quality of life making them live even longer. It is through proper understanding of what HIV/AIDS is and measures one is supposed to take so as to live longer than we have seen people live for several decades with it and contributing to their respective economies. Individuals have also been able to live with HIV/AIDS positive spouses even when they are HIV/AIDS negative without being infected and have also been able to have HIV/AIDS negative children. Individuals have known the essence of PrEP in protecting one from acquiring of HIV/AIDS.


PrEP has also played a very important role in keeping safe individuals at high risk of being infected with HIV/AIDS. It would be essential for one to make sure that he or she take some precautionary measures to ensure that he or she is safe even when he or she is taking PrEP. Copulation has remained among the most prevalent method through which people get infected with HIV/AIDS. As a result, one would need to make sure that he or she reduces the number of intimate partners as much as he or she can. The more sex partners one has, the more exposed he or she is to being infected with the HIV/AIDS infection and the higher the chances he or she will spread the infection to many people. Get hiv medications he re!


One, as a result, would need to make sure that he or she avoids exposure by reducing sex indulgence in the best way possible. Where one is having an intercourse with a person he or she is not sure of his or her HIV/AIDS status, he or she would need to make sure that he or she always use protection. Know more about HIV/AIDS at http://www.ehow.com/facts_4786157_early-hiv-aids-symptoms.html.


Other measures one would need to take to reduce chances of being infected with HIV include ensuring that one knows his or her status. As a result, one tends to be self-aware and makes sure that he or she does not expose herself or himself to irresponsible sex. It would also be essential for one to make an effort of ensuring that his or her partner is tested. One would also need to make sure that he or she is tested of other sexually transmitted infections bearing in mind that these infections tend to increase one chances of acquiring HIV. Check out this website at https://edrugsearch.com/truvada-cost/ for more info!